Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Autumn Garden Gnomes

This week at craft we will be making these gorgeous autumn garden gnomes.

 We made these 7 for Angie and her class 1 birthday celebration.

Last year we did a workshop at school and made these rainbow fairy folk to live in the fairy toadstool house.
  We used our hand painted rainbow felt made in an earlier workshop.
We had such creative responses from our clothing patterns.
I love the details sewn on

and their individuality.

We also made the rainbow baby dragon from Robyns' pattern
using our hand painted rainbow felt.
We added some embellishments
and softened his spine
adding beads to their heads and metalic thread to their wings.


  1. Hi Nikki, I loooove all these beautiful little and big projects, creatures, beings and things. So so beautiful. The colours, the texture, the materials, so inspiring! Little worlds created by hands, amazing.
    Looking forward to crafting again!

  2. thanks Theresa,
    I really appreciate your feedback
    lots of love nikki

  3. What an absolutly gorgeous blog you have.
    A Rainbow of creativity!
    I'm so glad I stumbled upon it today.
    These little characters are so enchanting.

  4. thanks Suzy,
    I was really inspired by your site epecially the spiritual content.
    cheers nikki