Sunday, May 13, 2012

mothers day
Blessings to all  loving mothers
and the angels who watch over us and our children.

This wet felted angel wall hanging was created for a brave mother 
who's little boy returned to the angels all too soon.
We also send blessings to all the mothers that passed too soon 
from the world and their children. love and blessings of peace.
My apologies for my long absence.
As you may know i moved our family from Melbourne to the gold coast 4 years ago to look after my husbands 2 nephews and niece after they were orphaned.Tragically both their parents died of cancer 5 years apart .
After 4 years with us they have all come of age and we have had to return to Melbourne due to financial constraints.
The last 6 months have been difficult for everyone but I couldn't have got through it without Mia and my amazing crafting women friends who were so generous and loving and supportive.
So although we are all still recovering i am happy to say this blog is up and running again and i have alot of projects to share with you from the past 12 months.We are also looking forward to offering some of our frequently requested kits for sale thru this blog. 
 blessings . nikki

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  1. I feel for anyone that has lost their mother. I don't know what my world would be like without my darling mom.

    -Zane of ontario honey