Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear crafty friends,
We have some beautiful work from Christinas crystal cave workshop which is ready to go to our end of term craft market next week.Im also keen to enter our craft groups work into our local agricultural show. Here is some of the beautiful creations!
The central one AND the one below was made by wendy. She delighted us all by creating a treasure hunt list of 14 different things to find in the landscape including a treasure chest full of jewels, a bat, a bear, a frog, a snail, a mouse, a pile, of wood, a camp fire and an owl. What an inspiration she was for us all!
I love the little camp firers that appeared.
they all turned out so well and all so different.
so much attension to detail.
They are so 3 dimentional its hard to do them justice in the photographs.
I love the tree idea! and the fairy ring of flowers.
 and more detail.
Well done everyone!


  1. oh how i want to move across the ocean to be a part of this delightful group!! or at least come for a nice holiday. ;) beautiful work!

  2. thank you for your lovely message .what part of the world do you hail from?
    cheers nikki

  3. wow... these are amazing! i must make an effort to get to a few craft mornings next term. i miss sewing and i would love to create something this beautiful for my daughter who is in miss laurens year one class. rowe x

  4. stunning . . luckily for my bank balance i don't live close enough to make it to your craft fair:) but i so wish i could

  5. These are absolutely amazing!

  6. your blog is just stunning!!!!! beautiful

    i have been trying to send you a message at the bottom of your page for the toad house and its just not working? is there something wrong with the page thanks