Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hi Crafty folk,
Its been a busy couple of crafting weeks for me .I have so much to share with you!
At our craft group the week before last we made beautiful bees wax candles in a felt candle holder.

I started with a huge 8kg block of pure local bees wax.
It was then cut down into smaller size peices.
This took us almost an entire day to complete!
The wick was then cut into lengths, folded in half ( to make 2 candles at once) and dipped in wax once or twice.This first dipping  helps the wick to absorb the wax and burn better as well as making a nice straight shape to build the wax onto.Here they are hanging over a stick ready for the next step .

On the day I then set up the burners outside on tables with the tin of wax sitting in a pot of hot water.
The smell of the heated bees wax is absolutely devinely honeyish and heavenly!

 We then dipped untill they built up to a good thickness then hung them up to cool off.

And here they are all along the fence and then put together in a box.

We then made the felt holders and beaded them.They beading is so beautifully done!

Not a bad effort for a monday morning craft session !!
cheers for now!

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